In September 2015, I was honored to present my perspective on activism in the global context at one of my favorite events, the Leadership, Development and Resources Conference (LDR).

The conference theme was Orthodox Activism, and I was given an hour to contrast an approach to activism based on God’s character reflected through Scripture, and the approaches of other types of activism, particularly in light of my work with the global persecuted church.

Among the themes I was able to touch upon in my allotted hour:

  1. The advantages that the orthodox activist with a Kingdom perspective might have over the more limited vision of other types of activists (3:52);
  2. What we might learn from Christians in the global context as we witness the rise of cultural anti-Christian hostility, and the loss of Christian privilege here in the West (17:10);
  3. The power of forgiveness as a weapon in the hands of the orthodox activist (21:20); and
  4. How my own family’s legacy of orthodox activism has shaped my views on current issues within my current church denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) (45:15).

Here’s the audio: (1 Hour).