In July 2014, I was invited to the Creating Options Together Conference by John Sather, the National Director of CRU Inner City, to give a presentation on the current condition of the global suffering church. At the conference, I was honored to share the platform with my husband Carl Ellis, Bob GreyEagle, Adam Edgerly, Sunish Abraham, Edrin C. Williams, Kenneth Stokes, and the legendary Dr. John Perkins.

Among other things, this lecture:

1. explores the sociological similarities among persecution tactics through recent history,

2. examines the theological contours behind the dynamics of Christian suffering and its redemptive potential,

3. outlines how concerned and sympathetic human rights advocates can effectively respond to the current crisis.

Watch the fifty-minute presentation here, and thanks in advance for checking it out. (And yes, in answer to an often asked question, I do sing occasionally in the course of the message).

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